Awesome Meatball Sandwich with red beets, apples and caper Or: Avant-garde Christmas sandwich

Waltzing Matilde making divine Meatball sandwich. Photo by Marcus Svanberg Something typically Swedish? The Nobel Prize….and meatballs. That’s a pretty great range, I would say. Now, if there’s everything or nothing in between, I’m not sure.

The Best Meatball Sandwich, Anyway, I have no problem with putting all my national pride into these cute little babies. They’re made out of meat. And they roll. What more could you possibly want? 

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Mashed sweet potato with browned ginger & rosemary-butter Or: the most fascinating mash!

Ingredients for sweet mashed potato. If you’re a foodie, and I guess that you are since you’re reading this, you can sense that this is a killer combo, right? The sweet, earthy, friendly flavors from the sweet potato combined with some fresh tangy ginger and a little bit of green herby rosemary. All nested in with loving care by browned butter. When autumn give you stuff like this, you can’t bad-mouth autumn. You don’t even want to.

Browned butter with ginger and rosemary. I learned this recipe a long time ago, at a cooking class with one of Sweden’s most talented food journalists/bloggers/cooks, Lisa Förare Winbladh. (I gave my husband, then boyfriend, this cooking class as a surprise present. He hates surprises and this was when I still thought I could straighten him up and make him like them. Now, I’ve stopped trying). 

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Fancy pork sausage with crisp & creamy potato salad + pickled red onions

Fancy sausage w crisp & creamy potato salad I love, love, LOVE this dish. It’s creamy, its’ crispy, its’ tangy, it’s porky, it’s sweet. And it somehow manages to be both rustic and filling AND fresh and refined.

Waltzing Matilde's crispy & creamy potato salad This is how I like to eat it: it’s September, it’s sunny, I’m standing on the porch on our countryside looking out over the water and the cows grazing in the field. The 2-year-old is sleeping, the 4-year-old is watching some crap on the iPad, my husband and me, not a quarrel in sight, sits down, open 2 bottles of IPA, sighs, and dig in.

Waltzing Matilde cooking sausages This time around, I’ve used pork sausages spiced with lemon zest and oregano from the great butcher Taylor & Jones in Stockholm. If you don’t live in Stockholm, nor near a great butcher, opt for a pork sausage with a high meat content. 

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Angel hair pasta w homemade Ajvar, pancetta and mozzarella Aka One of my top five pasta recipes

Angel hair pasta w homemade Ajvar, pancetta and mozzarella This is one of my absolute favorite pasta dishes. Hands down. Top five. A go-to pasta for the rest of my life. It’s delicious, it’s comforting, it’s a firecracker on your plate! When I concocted this pasta for the first time I was so pleased with myself it was embarrassing.

Waltzing Matilde picking thyme for a favourite pasta Bell peppers for homemade Ajvar To begin with, homemade Ajvar is to die for (at least this one is!) Sweet, earthy flavors with a lot of body. Plus a ridiculously nice deep red color! And then you have the almost sinful qualities of the angel hair pasta, always welcoming a sauce with a creamy, loving embrace. Add plump mozzarella and crispy, salty pancetta/bacon and you’re in flavor heaven.


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