Angel hair pasta w homemade Ajvar, pancetta and mozzarella Aka One of my top five pasta recipes

Angel hair pasta w homemade Ajvar, pancetta and mozzarella This is one of my absolute favorite pasta dishes. Hands down. Top five. A go-to pasta for the rest of my life. It’s delicious, it’s comforting, it’s a firecracker on your plate! When I concocted this pasta for the first time I was so pleased with myself it was embarrassing.

Waltzing Matilde picking thyme for a favourite pasta Bell peppers for homemade Ajvar To begin with, homemade Ajvar is to die for (at least this one is!) Sweet, earthy flavors with a lot of body. Plus a ridiculously nice deep red color! And then you have the almost sinful qualities of the angel hair pasta, always welcoming a sauce with a creamy, loving embrace. Add plump mozzarella and crispy, salty pancetta/bacon and you’re in flavor heaven.


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Awesome Pasta w Shrimps, Shallots and Lemon, AKA The Perfect Date Dish

DSC_0068 This is a great date dish. It strikes the perfect balance between relaxed and refined (in the flavors and by extension, in you!). It’s packed with seafood and umami, both great aphrodisiacs, right? Umami is like the pheromones of food. Right? Eating it you’ll feel like you’re in some great Italian bistro. In Rome. In twilight. Under some vault. By a square filled with pigeons and old men dressed in tailored suits. In the 60s. And you’re Anita Ekberg and he’s Marcello Mastroianni. And you’re drinking an expensive chilled white wine. And you’re charmingly, handsomely tipsy. And your smiles are equal measures cute, sexy and veiled.

Or, I don’t know, it’s Tuesday and you feel like having a pasta. 

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