Favorite Salad with almonds, sultana raisins and a creamy Parmesan dressing

Salad w almonds, sultana raisins and a creamy Parmesan dressing This is a salad that will BLOW YOUR MIND. And I say that without flinching. Confidently. Cause, honest to God, every time I eat it I’m amazed with how good it is. It’s a salad that somehow manages to take the center stage, but without being show-offy about it.


Waltzing Matilde making the best almond and sultana raisin salad. It generally makes me wish I could eat only that and forget about the rest, because really, it has everything you need. It’s salty, it’s nutty, it’s sour, it’s sweet.


Waltzing Matilde making a delicious parmesan dressing. And then you have the umami from the Parmesan and the creaminess from, well, the cream.


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Fancy pork sausage with crisp & creamy potato salad + pickled red onions

Fancy sausage w crisp & creamy potato salad I love, love, LOVE this dish. It’s creamy, its’ crispy, its’ tangy, it’s porky, it’s sweet. And it somehow manages to be both rustic and filling AND fresh and refined.

Waltzing Matilde's crispy & creamy potato salad This is how I like to eat it: it’s September, it’s sunny, I’m standing on the porch on our countryside looking out over the water and the cows grazing in the field. The 2-year-old is sleeping, the 4-year-old is watching some crap on the iPad, my husband and me, not a quarrel in sight, sits down, open 2 bottles of IPA, sighs, and dig in.

Waltzing Matilde cooking sausages This time around, I’ve used pork sausages spiced with lemon zest and oregano from the great butcher Taylor & Jones in Stockholm. If you don’t live in Stockholm, nor near a great butcher, opt for a pork sausage with a high meat content. 

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Classy & YUMMY salad w bacon and capers + top-notch dressing

Barrafina Salad This is, hands down, one of my all time favorite salads. My love for it started 2 years ago when me and my husband were in London (shooting a commercial for Jaguar, me interviewing Benedict Cumberbatch – yes, I like my job). One night we went to Barrafina, the kind of restaurant foodies absolutely love. It’s refined yet casual, 23 stools by a marble-clad counter, no reservations, people happily standing in long lines nibbling on some Iberico ham. A non-superfluous menu with stuff like Tuna tartar, Grilled quail and, the one, Baby gem salad with anchovies and pancetta. In short: it feels authentic. Which for a foodie is as good as it gets.


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Delicious Salad w Seared Tuna, Asparagus, Fennel & Avocado Dressing AKA Extremely Subtle Spring Salad

Delicious Salad w Seared Tuna, Asparagus, Fennel & Avocado Dressing If you’re living in a big city and your Vitamin D levels are a bit low and your skin tone is slightly off and your the type of person that tell yourself that you will – later on/when you get older/soon – start spending more time in nature, this is a salad for you. After you’re done making it you will feel like you’ve taken a walk in the countryside/done some gardening/taken a hike in the forest. Your pick.

Matilde chopping greens If I may say so myself, this is an extremely elegant salad. The combination of flavors and textures are complex, yet smooth and subtle: creamy avocado marrying herby tarragon, crispy sweet pea shoot on silky butter salad. And the colors – oh, the colors – they are all in the same spectrum – green – but range from soft fennel-green to dark parsley-green. And that’s what makes this salad so beautiful! (So when your instinct tells you to add some tomatoes or olives, you must tell yourself No!)

Green Veg for Matilde's Tuna Salad When turning fresh greens into something elegant you have to handle your produce with care. Cause you can’t cover up your mistakes with heavy seasoning. Your asparagus need to be blanched to perfection, crisp but not tough, your white beans might need a little extra seasoning not to disappear in the crowd, your avocado can’t wait for that squeeze of lemon but need it straight away. So, like a good host at a dinner party you have to spend some time with each one of them, letting them know that you care about there well being.


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