Mashed sweet potato with browned ginger & rosemary-butter Or: the most fascinating mash!

Ingredients for sweet mashed potato. If you’re a foodie, and I guess that you are since you’re reading this, you can sense that this is a killer combo, right? The sweet, earthy, friendly flavors from the sweet potato combined with some fresh tangy ginger and a little bit of green herby rosemary. All nested in with loving care by browned butter. When autumn give you stuff like this, you can’t bad-mouth autumn. You don’t even want to.

Browned butter with ginger and rosemary. I learned this recipe a long time ago, at a cooking class with one of Sweden’s most talented food journalists/bloggers/cooks, Lisa Förare Winbladh. (I gave my husband, then boyfriend, this cooking class as a surprise present. He hates surprises and this was when I still thought I could straighten him up and make him like them. Now, I’ve stopped trying). 

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Favorite Salad with almonds, sultana raisins and a creamy Parmesan dressing

Salad w almonds, sultana raisins and a creamy Parmesan dressing This is a salad that will BLOW YOUR MIND. And I say that without flinching. Confidently. Cause, honest to God, every time I eat it I’m amazed with how good it is. It’s a salad that somehow manages to take the center stage, but without being show-offy about it.


Waltzing Matilde making the best almond and sultana raisin salad. It generally makes me wish I could eat only that and forget about the rest, because really, it has everything you need. It’s salty, it’s nutty, it’s sour, it’s sweet.


Waltzing Matilde making a delicious parmesan dressing. And then you have the umami from the Parmesan and the creaminess from, well, the cream.


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Classy & YUMMY salad w bacon and capers + top-notch dressing

Barrafina Salad This is, hands down, one of my all time favorite salads. My love for it started 2 years ago when me and my husband were in London (shooting a commercial for Jaguar, me interviewing Benedict Cumberbatch – yes, I like my job). One night we went to Barrafina, the kind of restaurant foodies absolutely love. It’s refined yet casual, 23 stools by a marble-clad counter, no reservations, people happily standing in long lines nibbling on some Iberico ham. A non-superfluous menu with stuff like Tuna tartar, Grilled quail and, the one, Baby gem salad with anchovies and pancetta. In short: it feels authentic. Which for a foodie is as good as it gets.


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The best sandwich ever, Or How to work with fat on fat

The worlds best sandwich Folks, it’s time for another one of my revelations. Listen, since I was 3 I’ve dressed my morning sandwiches in pretty much the same way: butter, some cheese and then perhaps some ham, veg or jam on top. That’s the way you make a proper sandwich, right? That’s the classic proportions, right? You couldn’t possibly put more layers on to that, could you? I mean if you fancied something else you’d have to wait and put that on your next sandwich, right?

Making the best sandwich ever No, friends, it doesn’t have to be that way. It doesn’t have to be either or. The secret is: both, all of it, at once. I don’t know how it happened really, a lucky mistake I guess, but, I’ve found the path to the best sandwich ever (I’m not even exaggerating.)


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