Swedish Pancakes with Cream Cheese, Lemon Curd and Cardamom
This is one of those great recipes that can be whatever you want it to be: a great dessert, a luxurious Sunday breakfast, comfort food, a little something to go with your 11 o’clock tea or coffee, and so on, and so on.
The Condiments
  • Lemon curd (I choose Mrs Darlingtons)
  • Cream cheese
  • Cardamom (if you have time, use cardamom pods and grind the kernels in a pestle and mortar)
Perfect Swedish Pancakes
  • 2, 5 dl/ 1 heaping cup of all round flour
  • 5 dl/ 2 heaping cups of milk
  • 1 dl/ a heaping ⅓ cup of water
  • 3 eggs
  • ½ tsp of salt (regular, not sea salt)
  1. Put the flour in a large bowl. Put the eggs on top. While whisking, gently pour in half of the milk. Whip until smooth, then add the rest of the milk + water. Add salt.
  2. If you have time, let sit for 30 minutes. If not, go ahead.
  3. In a non-stick skillet put in about ½ tablespoon of salted butter. When the pan is really hot and the butter start to brown, put in a thin layer of pancake batter (about 0,8 dl/ a scant ⅓ cup). Fry until golden, then flip it over, lower the heat a bit and fry about 2 more minutes. Repeat.
  4. Put your fried pancakes between two plates or something of the sort, to keep them warm.
  5. Put lemon curd, cream cheese and cardamom in small bowls on the table. Eat.
Recipe by Waltzing Matilde at http://www.waltzingmatilde.com/2015/03/divine-swedish-pancakes-with-cream-cheese-lemon-curd-and-cardamom/