Buckwheat Crepes with chocolate peanut butter and black currant jam! Or: The hipster version of PBJ!

Buckwheat pancakes with peanut butter and black currant jam. Photo by Marcus Svanberg. Waltzingmatilde.com The autumn is now in full anti-bloom and it’s time for some serious cocooning. Light summer salads is, literally, so last season and we’re now ready for some heavy comfort food. In other words: It’s peanut butter jelly time!!

Ok, so the PBJ tradition that stems from the 50’s, the all-American invention, the sandwich Elvis ate a few too many of, is made with cheap white pre-sliced bread, some sugary, brightly colored strawberry/grape jelly and a big slab of peanut butter. And when pressed together it makes a perverse sound. Correct? Correct.

Buckwheat pancakes with peanut butter and black currant jam. Photo by Marcus Svanberg. Waltzingmatilde.com But it hasn’t become a sandwich evergreen for nothing, right? Behind that white-trashy curtain hides a winning combination. Right? You have the rich, creamy peanut butter marrying the sweet, sticky jam. It’s an opposites attract-kind of thing. It’s the freakin’ yin and yang of sandwiches!

That’s why we, the conscious middleclass of the West, mustn’t discard the whole concept, but should instead come up with a PBJ recipe that are in line with the latest hipster food trends.

Waltzing Matilde making buckwheat pancakes with peanut butter and black currant jam. Photo by Marcus Svanberg. Waltzingmatilde.com And that my friends, is exactly what I’ve done. I present to you: The Healthy Hipster version of PBJ!

Here it goes: You take organic peanut butter scented with a hint of chocolate. Yes? And you let it swirl around with some nice dark, tangy, silky, elegant black currant jam. Yes? But where exactly is this swirling gonna take place, you ask. On a buckwheat crepe of course! Yes? YES! (Peanuts: healthy fats, vitamin E, niacin, folate, manganese, anti-oxidants; Buckwheat: high quality protein, naturally gluten-free; Black currants: anti-oxidants.)

Everyone that I’ve made taste this lavish/healthy ménage a trois has swooned. Like literally. Like, they’ve made weird noises. My little brother for example walked back and forth in my kitchen and repeatedly said “Oh my God”, “Oh my God” (while I sat calmly in my chair with a pleased look on my face and said “Yeah, I know”).

Buckwheat Crepes with chocolate peanut butter and black currant jam! Or: The hipster version of PBJ!
When I crave these flavors so badly that I don’t have time to make crepes, I eat this combo of spreads on some buttered spelt crisp bread. It’s so good you will LOL! If you for some reason don't want to/can't eat peanut butter, roasted tahini w salt works great here! Ps. Buckwheat crepes is a bit more dense than crepes made with white flour, so if you're a lover of fluffy crepes I just wanna give you a heads up.
Buckwheat Crepes (Gluten free)
  • A heaping ¾ cup/ 2 dl of buckwheat flour
  • A scant ¼ cup / ½ dl rice flour
  • A scant ¼ cup / ½ dl corn flour
  • 2 large eggs or 3 small
  • 2 heaping cups / 5 dl of milk
  • ¼ cups / ½ dl of water
  • A good pinch of fine salt
  • Some butter/coconut oil/olive oil for frying
To serve with
  • Crunchy peanut butter scented w chocolate (I used Urtekram's organic. If you can't find any chocolate PB, just add a bit of cacao powder to your regular PB.)
  • Black currant jam/ black currants boiled gently with sweetener of your choosing.
  1. Take a medium sized bowl and put in the flours. Add the eggs on top. While whipping, pour in about half of the milk. Whip until smooth, then add the rest of the milk. Add salt. If you have time/patience, let sit for about 10 minutes. (The texture should be a bit thicker than when making crepes with all-purpose flour.)
  2. If you've never done crepes before: Add fat to a pan. When really hot pour in the batter, fry until golden beneath, then flip it over. Fry for about 2 more minutes.
  3. Serve warm with a good dollop of peanut butter and the blackcurrant jam. And some hot, strong coffee of course!


Swedish Chokladbollar with a twist! Totally yummy AND totally Healthy – plus gluten free AND sugar free – plus kids love it AND grown-ups love it!

Ingredients for Waltzing Matilde's Swedish Chokladbollar For many Swedes “Chokladbollar” (lit. chocolate balls… yes, I can see how things might be lost or found in translation here) is the very first thing you learn how to bake. Because it’s ridiculously easy and, in fact, a no-bake-just-stir-affair. Think of it as a white trash version of raw food.

Waltzing Matilde's Swedish Chokladbollar. Photo by Marcus Svanberg Most of us can remember the afternoons when we came home from school and made obscene batches of chocolate ball dough, skipped the forming of balls-part, and just ate it with spoons straight out of the bowl. And how we, while eating, nodded our heads in sheer wonder, because this stuff was just TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

Toasting nuts and seeds for Chokladbollar. Photo by Marcus Svanberg. Waltzingmatilde.com Ok, now, 25 years later, I still like Chokladbollar, but they could do with a bit of improvement, a bit of refinement. Also, it’s actually really easy to make them much healthier than in the innocent age of my youth, the 80’s, when refined sugar was considered harmless, not unlike the Amphetamine-spiked “energy-pills” in the 60’s. 

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Mashed sweet potato with browned ginger & rosemary-butter Or: the most fascinating mash!

Ingredients for sweet mashed potato. Waltzingmatilde.com If you’re a foodie, and I guess that you are since you’re reading this, you can sense that this is a killer combo, right? The sweet, earthy, friendly flavors from the sweet potato combined with some fresh tangy ginger and a little bit of green herby rosemary. All nested in with loving care by browned butter. When autumn give you stuff like this, you can’t bad-mouth autumn. You don’t even want to.

Browned butter with ginger and rosemary. Waltzingmatilde.com I learned this recipe a long time ago, at a cooking class with one of Sweden’s most talented food journalists/bloggers/cooks, Lisa Förare Winbladh. (I gave my husband, then boyfriend, this cooking class as a surprise present. He hates surprises and this was when I still thought I could straighten him up and make him like them. Now, I’ve stopped trying). 

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Favorite Salad with almonds, sultana raisins and a creamy Parmesan dressing

Salad w almonds, sultana raisins and a creamy Parmesan dressing This is a salad that will BLOW YOUR MIND. And I say that without flinching. Confidently. Cause, honest to God, every time I eat it I’m amazed with how good it is. It’s a salad that somehow manages to take the center stage, but without being show-offy about it.


Waltzing Matilde making the best almond and sultana raisin salad. It generally makes me wish I could eat only that and forget about the rest, because really, it has everything you need. It’s salty, it’s nutty, it’s sour, it’s sweet.


Waltzing Matilde making a delicious parmesan dressing. And then you have the umami from the Parmesan and the creaminess from, well, the cream.


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