About Me

Waltzing Matilde I’m a journalist and editor who have worked for a number of Swedish magazines and papers. I’ve been an editor at the Culture department at The Swedish Daily (Sweden’s largest newspaper), where I’ve written about foreign literature (foreign if you’re Swedish, that is). I’ve also been an editor at ELLE Food & Wine, ELLE Decoration and Plaza Magazine. I’ve interviewed Booker- and Nobel prize-winners but also Kristen Stewart (she’s even cuter in real life).

Writing about literature has given me the opportunity to write about the books that I love and meet the people who have written them.

Writing about food has sent me on trips around the world. For example – don’t hate me – several trips to the Rhône Valley to take cooking classes, tour the wine houses and make truffles at the Valrhona head quarter.

Writing about interior design has given me reason to visit numerous Swedish artists and musicians in their homes to talk about where they buy their sofas and how they live their lives.

In retrospect I’ve come to realize that I’ve made a career out of my hobbies.

On the commercial side I’ve worked with companies such as Jaguar, BlackBerry, Nike, Ray Ban, IKEA, etc. If at the Swedish Daily they pay you in compliments and cultural capital, on commercial projects they pay you in actual money, which is nice.

I moved to Paris when I was 18 and stayed a few years (my French hardly improved and my English got worse). A decade later I moved to Berlin and stayed a few years. I’ve written numerous guides to these and other cities. In general I’m obsessed with having people eat, read, watch and discover the things that I’ve eaten, read, watched and discovered. Hence this blog.

When I was 20 I stayed with nomads in the dessert and smuggled cigars from Cuba (that I sold to a French film director back in Paris, meeting Oliver Stone on the way in). I don’t do these things anymore.

I was born in Stockholm but I grew up 15 minutes outside of town, where we lived by the sea. In the summer my friends and me took our bikes to go swimming in the lakes. A few years later we took our vespas to go binge drinking by the lakes. In Sweden we have something called ”Häxa” (“Witch”). That’s when you mix a little bit of everything from your parent’s liquor cabinet (say red wine, Baileys, tequila and Martini). And then you drink it. And it’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever tasted. Question: Is this concept something that you people are familiar with or is it just a fine Swedish tradition?