Mashed sweet potato with browned ginger & rosemary-butter Or: the most fascinating mash!

Ingredients for sweet mashed potato. If you’re a foodie, and I guess that you are since you’re reading this, you can sense that this is a killer combo, right? The sweet, earthy, friendly flavors from the sweet potato combined with some fresh tangy ginger and a little bit of green herby rosemary. All nested in with loving care by browned butter. When autumn give you stuff like this, you can’t bad-mouth autumn. You don’t even want to.

Browned butter with ginger and rosemary. I learned this recipe a long time ago, at a cooking class with one of Sweden’s most talented food journalists/bloggers/cooks, Lisa Förare Winbladh. (I gave my husband, then boyfriend, this cooking class as a surprise present. He hates surprises and this was when I still thought I could straighten him up and make him like them. Now, I’ve stopped trying). 

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Raspberry, almond & ginger caramel swirl – OMG!

Raspberry & ginger caramel swirl I don’t know if you can sense it from the headline, but this is a dessert that will make you popular. Seriously. It will earn you new friends. You might get known for it in your community: ”Is she/he the one that makes this raspberry-ginger-fudge something…? ” ”Yes, she/he the one”, and so on.

Ingredients for Raspberry swirl Flaked almonds loves cream. Cream loves raspberries. Raspberries loves ice cream. Ice cream loves caramel sauce. Caramel sauce loves ginger. This desert is a great swingers party.


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