Fancy pork sausage with crisp & creamy potato salad + pickled red onions

Fancy sausage w crisp & creamy potato salad I love, love, LOVE this dish. It’s creamy, its’ crispy, its’ tangy, it’s porky, it’s sweet. And it somehow manages to be both rustic and filling AND fresh and refined.

Waltzing Matilde's crispy & creamy potato salad This is how I like to eat it: it’s September, it’s sunny, I’m standing on the porch on our countryside looking out over the water and the cows grazing in the field. The 2-year-old is sleeping, the 4-year-old is watching some crap on the iPad, my husband and me, not a quarrel in sight, sits down, open 2 bottles of IPA, sighs, and dig in.

Waltzing Matilde cooking sausages This time around, I’ve used pork sausages spiced with lemon zest and oregano from the great butcher Taylor & Jones in Stockholm. If you don’t live in Stockholm, nor near a great butcher, opt for a pork sausage with a high meat content. 

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