Swedish Chokladbollar with a twist! Totally yummy AND totally Healthy – plus gluten free AND sugar free – plus kids love it AND grown-ups love it!

Ingredients for Waltzing Matilde's Swedish Chokladbollar For many Swedes “Chokladbollar” (lit. chocolate balls… yes, I can see how things might be lost or found in translation here) is the very first thing you learn how to bake. Because it’s ridiculously easy and, in fact, a no-bake-just-stir-affair. Think of it as a white trash version of raw food.

Waltzing Matilde's Swedish Chokladbollar. Photo by Marcus Svanberg Most of us can remember the afternoons when we came home from school and made obscene batches of chocolate ball dough, skipped the forming of balls-part, and just ate it with spoons straight out of the bowl. And how we, while eating, nodded our heads in sheer wonder, because this stuff was just TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

Toasting nuts and seeds for Chokladbollar. Photo by Marcus Svanberg. Waltzingmatilde.com Ok, now, 25 years later, I still like Chokladbollar, but they could do with a bit of improvement, a bit of refinement. Also, it’s actually really easy to make them much healthier than in the innocent age of my youth, the 80’s, when refined sugar was considered harmless, not unlike the Amphetamine-spiked “energy-pills” in the 60’s. 

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Classy & YUMMY salad w bacon and capers + top-notch dressing

Barrafina Salad This is, hands down, one of my all time favorite salads. My love for it started 2 years ago when me and my husband were in London (shooting a commercial for Jaguar, me interviewing Benedict Cumberbatch – yes, I like my job). One night we went to Barrafina, the kind of restaurant foodies absolutely love. It’s refined yet casual, 23 stools by a marble-clad counter, no reservations, people happily standing in long lines nibbling on some Iberico ham. A non-superfluous menu with stuff like Tuna tartar, Grilled quail and, the one, Baby gem salad with anchovies and pancetta. In short: it feels authentic. Which for a foodie is as good as it gets.


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