Roasted strawberries w white Valrhona chocolate sauce scented w lavender. Plus cookie crumbs! Or how to make yourself popular at a cookout jam!

White Valrhona Chocolate, lavendar and lemons, photo by Marcus Svanberg Ovenroasted strawberries at Ok, so I’m invited to Andrea and Latte’s yearly cookout jam. (A cookout jam being a party where everyone brings some sort of food.) At this particular cookout jam there’s only media types/musicians/entrepreneurs/hipsters who are also, all of them, really into food. Like, they can seriously cook. Like, you have someone there who runs half of Stockholm’s restaurants. In other words, it’s a potluck for extreme foodies.

Oven roasted strawberries w white valrhona chocolate sauce and cookie crumbs, photo by Marcus Svanberg So, I realize I have to come up with something in between extraordinary and mind-blowing. My first 2 thoughts are: 1. A lavish dessert is a short cut to people’s hart. 2. A swirl in any form makes people happy. So, a lavish swirl it is. 

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