Apple Crumble Smoothie

Making Apple crumble smoothie! In our family, eating apple crumble is like taking a shower. It’s an autopilot kind of thing. It’s a necessity. For us, every season is apple crumble season. We’ve always done it and we always will. Cause look — it’s healthy enough to just keep doing it without any damaging side effects, right? And it’s yummy enough to want to keep doing it. Yes!

Butter, maple, cinnamon apples, Consequently, we eat apple crumble in the middle of the day and in the middle of the night (as fuel for binge-watching our favorite TV series). The only time we don’t eat it is for breakfast. And I thought: That’s a shame.

So, I sat down and I thought long and hard and when I stood back up again I had the answer: Apple crumble smoothie. No, let’s make that: Apple. Crumble. Smoothie!

Apple Crumble Smoothie I was almost trembling with anticipation when I made my first batch. Together with nuts, oats and apples I used Greek yoghurt for creamy richness and some cloudy apple juice (made from apples from my dad’s garden) for some tangy freshness. Would it work, would it live up to our high apple crumble standards? It did and it DID! 

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